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The Capital Group – Finance Benefits

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Sell more Equipment

Sales aid leasing makes the sale easier for the salesperson, overcoming any price objections. When leading with leasing it is possible to sell with just a leasing figure rather than delivering a capital cost.

Gives many alternative closing methods

We can offer tailored rental plans to meet with the customers budget and the life expectancy of the equipment. Monthly or quarterly payment options are available.

Maintain your margin

Selling on a monthly repayment basis decreases the need to offer discounted products.

Higher value equipment sales

Higher specification equipment can be sold for relatively small increases when illustrated on a weekly or monthly budgeted price.

Fast application turnaround

Our in house underwriters aim to turn a proposal into an acceptance within 4 hours, this way the momentum of the sale is not compromised.

Fast invoice payment

Payout is via electronic transfer and is within 48 hours of the equipment being installed to the customers satisfaction.

Simple equipment upgrades

At any time there is the potential to upgrade the equipment for new with often very little or no increase to the monthly payments on a new lease agreement. This will maximize potential and retention of your customer base.

Let us do all the work

The Capital team will complete all documentation and put everything in place. This enables your sales teams to concentrate on sales while we secure the finance.

Preserves capital for more profitable uses

Why tie up significant amounts of valuable capital in outright equipment purchases, when leasing is the most tax efficient vehicle for acquiring equipment for your business?

Simplify budgeting and forecasting

Leasing provides a fixed and manageable monthly payment, irrespective of interest rate fluctuations or other economic changes. Payments are fixed for the term of the agreement.

Choose equipment that meets needs

With leasing, customers are not limited to acquiring the equipment they can afford at the time. Monthly payments enable them to focus upon the most productive, up to date equipment for their business.

Retain existing credit lines

Customers can preserve their existing bank funding. By leasing equipment, it will free up any overdraft or bank loans for use in running the business.

Improve returns on investment

It is use of the equipment, rather than ownership, which drives productivity gains and savings. Leased equipment effectively pays for itself whilst it is being used.

Upgrade to new equipment easily

Our lease facilities give the flexibility to upgrade ageing or obsolete equipment for very little or no increase to the monthly payments.

Step 1

Simply telephone, e-mail or fax the customers contact details to The Capital Group. We are happy to work on your behalf taking all the details direct from your customer for a finance proposal.

Step 2

The Capital Group will propose the customers details to our underwriters. We match the customer to the best funder dependant on customer criteria and equipment.

Step 3

Once accepted The Capital Group will raise all the necessary documentation and send this out to the customer.

Step 4

We let you know that installation of equipment can go ahead once we are in receipt of completed documentation. At this point we will send invoicing instructions.

Step 5

Once installation is complete we offer speedy payment via electronic transfer.