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Struggling to clear new-start businesses?


With access to more than 10 lines of finance, including some of the industry’s most renowned funders, The Capital Group is able to place lease finance solutions for new-start businesses as well as established businesses and public sector organisations.


Having spoken to many suppliers of a variety of capital equipment over the last few months, there still seems to be a misconception that finance facilities for new-start businesses remain limited to a very select few and, as a result, lease options aren’t being offered by many suppliers to those businesses that would benefit most.


We appreciate that, for all businesses, managing cashflow is an important function and this is never more so than with new businesses. If these organisations can finance capital equipment acquisitions then, as a supplier, you may find this an invaluable tool to help increase sales. More often than not, businesses are delaying equipment purchases due to a lack of funds available at the time. Lease finance options can help protect customers’ cashflow.


The Capital Group is happy to say that we’re seeing a steady increase of acceptance levels from our funding lines for new-start businesses and we would encourage you to offer our facilities to any prospective clients. The key criteria we require to consider a deal, in the first instance, is that directors or partners are homeowners. We’ll happily liaise with any clients you may have to see if we can provide them with a solution.


If you have any further queries, would like a quotation or would like us to speak with a client directly, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Sales continue to rise


Our determination and commitment to both our end users and dealers has inspired us to develop creative and bespoke finance products that really work in today’s economic climate.


We’re also writing more business on our own book than ever before as we strive to continue raising and maintaining the high standards of service and expertise that our customers have come to expect from The Capital Group.



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