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Finance Products

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Lease finance is one of the most widely used and tax efficient finance products in the UK today.


Why tie up valuable capital in equipment and technology purchases when lease rental is the most tax efficient method of acquiring capital equipment? Lease rental allows 100% tax allowances against pre tax profits and, at the same time, provides your business with the capital equipment it needs to keep up with technology and the competition. Your lease rental payments will remain fixed for the duration of the rental period, which can be tailored to run for the expected useable lifetime of the equipment.


Leasing preserves your valuable capital resources that could be better used in other areas of your business for growth and expansion. Let The Capital Group take care of all the asset purchasing requirements that your company needs as your business grows.


Commercial Finance

This product has been widely used for a variety of applications, including commercial loans for vital cash flow and working capital finance for UK business. Key features of our finance lease and commercial loan solutions include the following:


– Secured on commercial or residential properties


– First, second or even third charges available (depending on equity)


– Extended terms available


The Capital Group can use the value of an asset (commercial premises or residential house) to support a credit application where many other financial institutions have been unable to help.